Comprehensive Full Scale Marketing Strategies

Joel uses a range of strategies at his disposal to create maximum exposure and interest for your property. You may think all agents does the same thing. Yes, some realtors use similar software and platforms, but these are just the TOOLS.

The difference between a top agent and others lies in the MASTERY and EXECUTION of the tools. How can one utilize these tools at its BEST to attract qualified sincere buyers.

For example, how should an ad be boosted in a way to get maximum exposure? How do we write a sales copy to wow prospects? How do we take engaging pictures and videos that ignite curiosity? How do we reach targeted buyers through facebook?

These are skillsets which cannot be easily replicated and seeks to generate many interests, enquires and viewings! They have been tested and proven to work time and time again.

1) Online Digital Marketing through major Property Portals

Consistent Reposting and Competitive Analysis to Maintain Top Exposure and Visibility!

– Propertyguru,
– The Edge Property,
– Carousell

Customized Selling Script- Uncover Unique Selling Points and Counter Objections and Concerns!

2) Professional Photography

– Wide Angle Lens
– Photo Editing- Photoshop
Photos will be given to Sellers

3) Largest Property Agents Network in Singapore

Reaching out to more than 8000 agents within Propnex Realty, the largest real estate agency in Singapore, Working together to sell your property. Leverage on a huge clientele network.

4) Social Media Marketing

– Targeting the Right Buyers’ Profile through Facebook, Google!

5) Video Marketing

– Developing Engaging Marketing Content to Capture Buyer’s Attention!

6) Property Agents SMS System

Reaching out to Top Property Agents Network from ALL other Real Estate Agencies, who are also marketing units within the Same Estate to collaborate and work together.

7) Home Staging / Styling

We need to Set Up your home the right way so as to showcase and present the house in the best way possible, just like what you would see in a Showroom or Sales Gallery.

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  • The sneaky tactic to generate multiple viewings, even during a down market. (No, it is not getting fake buyers..)
  • How to reach ‘Sniper Targeted’ prospects looking ONLY to buy in your estate. (90% of agents have no idea of this)
  • 15 steps checklist you must do before you put your house up for sale.
  • The 3 techniques to price your property higher than your next-door neighbour… yet get more interest.
  • The fundamental difference between Selling $30K above valuation and below it. (HINT-It has to do with the perspective of your house people actually ‘see’...)


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